Air Induction Oxidation


Air Induction Oxidation or AIO is an effective and economical way to remove iron without the use of messy and dangerous chemicals or expensive pumps. An air pocket in the upper portion of the tank oxidizes ferrous iron. The single tank design takes up minimal space, and the unique media increases the pH of the water as it filters.

How Does An AIO System Work?

AIO filters add oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a pocket of compressed air. The water is then passed through a special filter bed that increases the pH of the water to enhance iron removal and traps iron precipitate. As more water passes through the iron filter, the oxygen in the unit is used up, and the media gets loaded with iron.

The regeneration process then begins to replenish the supply of oxygen and backwash the precipitated iron trapped in the media bed. The iron removal efficiency will be more effective with high pH water. The filter is fitted with an inlet check valve to prevent any air from flowing backward out of the filter tank.

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Eliminate High Levels of Iron in Your Water with Air Induction Oxidation

High concentrations of iron in your water entail harmful effects on your house and your loved ones’ health. If you’ve noticed reddish-brown stains, metallic smell and taste of water, and frequent plumbing issues, your water is likely contaminated with iron. Get your free in-home water test at Water Filter Warehouse, and determine if the Air Induction Oxidation system is suitable for your home.