Does Salt-Free Water Softeners Work? Everything You Need To Know

Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Work?

An Ion-Exchange Mechanism Extracts Magnesium (Mg2+) And Calcium (Ca2+) From Water During Water Softening. A Polymer Resin Bed Filters Hard Water Minerals And Replaces Them With Sodium Ions During The Ion Exchange Process; This Replacement Of Magnesium And Calcium Determines “Water Softening.”

It’s Common To Understand That Salt-Free Water Softening Systems Extract Hard Water Minerals In The Same Way That Salt-Based Systems Do. The Only Difference, According To Others, Is That One Uses Salt And The Other Does Not. Salt-Free Water Softeners Merely “Condition” Water Rather Than Soften It.

Salt Water Softeners Vs. Saltless Water Softeners

Salt-Based Water Softeners Use A Negatively Charged Resin Bed To Attract And Extract Magnesium And Calcium From The Water Source, As Stated Previously. Salt Is Also Used To Clean The Water Softener And Regenerate The Resin Bed In These Water Softeners. Positively Charged Sodium Ions Replace The Trapped Hard Water Minerals In The Resin Bed During Regeneration, And The Concentrated Hard Water Is Flushed Down.

On The Other Side, Salt-Free Water Softeners Do Not Strip Hard Water Minerals From The Water. Instead, They Chemically Change The Magnesium And Calcium To Don’t Cling To Surfaces And Shape Size. There Is No Need For Salt Or A Cycle To Purge The Minerals Down The Drain Since Salt-Free Water Softener Systems Do Not Necessarily Capture The Hard Water Minerals.

Since Water Softening Requires That Hard Water Minerals Be Extracted, And The Salt-Free Process Only Changes The Minerals, Allowing Them To Stay In The Water, Salt-Free Water Softeners Are More For “Water Conditioning” Than For “Water Softening.”

Magnetic Water Softeners: The Truth

According To Third-Party Reports, Magnetic Water Treatment Systems Cannot Deliver All Of The Benefits Of Soft Water1. According To Research, This Form Of System Isn’t Compatible With Many Water Conditioners, And Its Findings Aren’t Always Consistent.

  • Magnetic Devices Do Not Prevent Scale Forming In Water Heaters, As Manufacturers Say.
  • Magnetic Water Softeners Are Not Clinically Proven To Assist With Water Treatment.

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