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How to Choose a Water Filter System For Your Home

There are a lot of water filter systems available in the market today and choosing the right one for the home can be a daunting task. In picking out the right water filter system for your home, you will need to consider several fundamental factors. Our H20 heroes at The Water Filter Warehouse have put together this easy guide to help you understand how to choose the water filter system best fit for your home.

What Does a Water Filter System Do?

Water filtration systems separate impurities from your water. Some products physically block the passage of contaminants using a filter medium. While others filter using a chemical process and others via ultraviolet light. Water filters come in a plastic or stainless-steel housing, no matter the design. Filter media lose their effectiveness over time and must be replaced periodically.


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There are three basic steps to follow when purchasing a filtration system. Understanding them will help you decide on finding the best fit for your home.

Determine your homes water quality

First, you need to know your water quality and what you need to filter out of it. Tap water in our homes comes from water treatment plants that already filter the water. However, when the water is distributed into our homes, it passes through long pipes and that’s where the contamination happens. Does your water have contaminants or smell or taste bad? If you’re unsure, have your water tested by a professional first.

Know the capacity of water needed in your home

Second, determine what capacity you need. There are two categories of water filter systems you can choose for your home. A point of entry filtration system or point of use system.

A point of entry system or POE will filter all the water through the sinks, showers, bathtubs, washing machines. A filtration system will be installed from the source of the water before it enters your home.

A point of use system or POU will filter water where it’s being used, and you can choose what location you need it. An example of this is that you may think about having a filter under your kitchen sink so that you can have clean drinking and cooking water. And have the water from the rest of your tap as non-potable.

Understand the filters you need in your water filter

Lastly, filtration systems come with different filter technology, all of which have their pros and cons and levels of effectiveness.

• Activated Carbon

Activated carbon filtration systems come with different natural carbon materials. The materials are normally porous, and they attract impurities, making them adhere to the surfaces. However, carbon will not work for inorganic compounds like heavy metals, arsenic, fluoride, and chromium.

• Ceramic

Ceramic filters have small holes that allow water through while filtering all other particles. Filters like these are only effective at blocking out bacteria and protozoa but not viruses and chemicals

• Distillation

Distillation is the procedure of boiling water and collecting steam, getting rid of all the contaminants. Biological contaminants like viruses and bacteria die during the boiling process.

• Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis filters water through a semipermeable membrane which blocks any particles bigger than water molecules. These membranes block viruses, protozoa, lead, nitrate, arsenic, and bacteria. However, it also doesn’t work on chlorine and trihalomethanes.

• UV Light

UV light sterilizes water by killing viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, attacking their DNA, so they don’t reproduce.

Choose a reliable water solutions company

Bonus step! Working with a well-known company like Water Filter Warehouse is your best option for quality service, guaranteed. With a company like us, you as a customer won’t have to worry about ineffective products or warranty problems that will make you spend more money. Doing business with us can also avoid issues with improper installations and hefty maintenance and repair costs.


Water filter systems are excellent investments that can improve every family’s quality of life. To choose the perfect water filter system for your home, you must determine the quality of your water, the capacity of water that needs to be filtered, and choose the right filter technology needed in your home. At Water Filter Warehouse, we ensure you excellent services within every budget. Set an appointment with us, and one of our H2O heroes will get back to you.