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Reasons to Get a Water Filter Installed in Your Home

Your health depends on having access to clean water for drinking, taking showers, and cooking. Nowadays, the majority of people drink chlorine-treated water that still has a high level of dangerous germs, chemicals, and other toxins. Our H2O heroes at The Water Filter Warehouse have listed the reasons why you need a water filter installation in your home.

Why Should You Have Your Own Water Filter at Home?

1. It improves the taste of your drinking water

Lead, chlorine, and bacteria are among the substances that water filters remove to make drinking water taste and smell better. A home water filtering system will improve the overall cleanliness, flavor, and odor of your drinking water. Additionally, it reduces the pH of the water you consume.

2. It helps prevent skin irritation

Exposure to chemicals in water, such as chlorine, can be harmful to people who have sensitive skin and easily develop skin irritations, or suffer from skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis. A home water filtration system can significantly help solve these issues for you. There’s nothing like the sensation of pure, clean water when you’re having a shower or relaxing in a tub, even if you don’t have any of these ailments!

3. It saves you money

Americans spend $100 per person on bottled water each year on average. For bigger households, that cost can reach up to several hundred dollars a year. Imagine where you could have spent that amount of money; imagine if you invested that amount on a water filter instead. With a home water filtration system, you’ll only need one water bottle that you can refill at home before you go to work or wherever, helping you save hundreds of dollars on costs annually.

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4. It helps preserve our environment

The increasing environmental implications of our society’s heavy reliance on plastic are probably familiar to you, and plastic bottles make up a sizable portion of the plastic waste stream. Even if you carefully dispose of your used plastic bottles, there is no assurance that they will be recycled. With a home water filtration system, you won’t need to buy plastic bottles again.

5. It reduces plumbing repair bills

Heavy metals, minerals, and other substances found in unfiltered water can damage your plumbing system. In addition to the pipes, hard water can also cause mineral buildup in home appliances that use water, like the water dispenser, ice maker, disposal, dishwasher, and washing machine, causing damage over time. Using filtered water can minimize the need for plumbing repairs and lower your repair costs.

6. It lowers the risk of illness

The truth is, drinking cleaner water gives your body the extra boost it needs to battle illnesses and diseases. Unfiltered water may contain several parasites, and sources of water that have not been properly treated are home to numerous microorganisms. Having a water filter system installed in your home ensures your water supply is rid of parasites and particles that may cause digestive, intestinal, and other health issues.

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Now that you’re convinced about getting a water filter for your home, here are some basic steps in choosing a water filter system:

  • Determine the quality of your water supply at home
  • Consider the size of the water filter you want to be installed in your home
  • Choose the type of water filtration system you need
  • Hire a reliable water solutions company to install your water filter system


There are numerous advantages in having a water filtration system in your house, including benefits to your family’s health and wellbeing. Call the experts at The Water Filter Warehouse when you’re ready to take the plunge for a cleaner household. As you make the shift, you can be sure that your inquiries will be treated with the highest sincerity and professionalism.