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5 Signs of Poor Home Water Quality in Sarasota

Sarasota County’s drinking water meets all federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act standards. This is according to the county’s yearly drinking water report. However, some circumstances can cause poor water quality in Sarasota.

The first is when your home’s pipes are old. Older homes are prone to have rusty pipes. When the clean water from the local source passes through these, it can get contaminated.

Another is when your pipes have cracks, caused by their old age or poor quality, or a sudden increase in pressure. Harmful contaminants can then seep into the pipes through the cracks and lower the quality of water you receive.

Lastly is when Sarasota’s water source gets contaminatedYou can only wait for the proper authorities to fix the problem when this happens.

Signs You Have Low Water Quality in Sarasota

Low-quality water can be a serious health risk for everyone in your household. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the signs that the water quality in your home is bad and take action immediately.

1. Your Water Has Discoloration

Water from your tap tends to be murky or cloudy when you turn the faucet for the first time. Many municipal water systems don’t filter the minerals out from the drinking water. These minerals are harmless, though, and will be washed away when you run the water from the faucet for a few minutes. However, if the water doesn’t clear up, it could be a sign of bacteria in it. When this happens, have your water tested for contamination.

2. Your Water Smells Strange

It is normal when your water smells like minerals. But when water running from your faucet smells like water from the swimming pool, it means there is chlorine. If it smells like rotten eggs, there is sulfur. If your water doesn’t smell normal, have it tested right away, as it could mean your water is contaminated.

3. Your Water Tastes Funny

There may be many reasons why your water has a metallic taste. Poor-quality water either means the water has trace metals, you have older residential pipes, the source of your water is contaminated, or your water has low pH levels. Whatever the case, if you taste metal in your water, have it checked out.

4. Your Skin Is Often Itchy

Some skin irritation after showering can be caused by hard water. Hard water has minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium that don’t react well with soap and can form salts that stick to your skin, drying it out and clogging your pores, thus making your skin itchy. If you experience this, you might want to have your water tested.

5. You Feel Nauseous and Have Digestive Problems

Typically, drinking water should not cause nausea. However, if you frequently feel the urge to vomit or you often have diarrhea after drinking water, there may be contaminants in your water that are making you sick. Examples of these are bacteria, algae, and traces of pesticides, which can all cause poor water quality in your home.


One solution is to change your water pipes. However, replacing old pipes can be an expensive and painstaking task. It can take weeks, depending on the size of your home. And even if you change all your pipes, you are not 100% guaranteed to improve your water quality.

A better solution is to get water filtration systems for your home. Using a water filter can help remove the bacteria and other contaminants in your water. The better the quality of your filter, the better it will be at removing the contaminants.

If you encounter any of the signs of poor water quality discussed above, get in touch with a reliable water solution company like the Water Filter Warehouse. We provide a wide range of high-quality water filtration systems that fit any home. Schedule your in-home water test now and start drinking clean, healthy water for you and your family.