Water Softener Systems in Sarasota

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Save Your Sarasota Property from Hard Water with the H2O Heroes’ Water Softener System

Water hardness is a common issue in Sarasota, Florida. That’s why the H2O Heroes are here to help! We offer advanced water softener systems to prevent high levels of calcium and magnesium from ruining your plumbing system and causing other hard-water problems. You can choose from our three water softener systems to help improve the water in your home or business.


Featuring a unique tannin-removing property, AquaTannin softens your water while eliminating tannin content to prevent stains on laundry, fixtures, and kitchenware.


With an advanced descaling media, AquaSaltFree protects your plumbing fixtures from issues caused by hard water, including limescale buildup, stains, and more.


Manufactured to eliminate high levels of iron in your water, AquaIron softens the water while preventing reddish-brown marks and metallic smell on your fixtures and appliances.

Your Best Choice for Water Softener Systems in Sarasota, Florida

Your H2O Heroes understand the problems hard water can cause. If you have hard water issues at home or in your business, we have a water softener system that can fit your needs. We have made it our goal to reduce the hard water issues in Sarasota, and we want to make a difference through our water softeners.

If this is your first time, we can assist you in finding the right system for your residential or commercial property. Simply contact us today to get started!

Say Goodbye to Hard Water in 4 Simple Steps

The ongoing battle between you and your plumbing system versus hard water can be exhausting, especially if you’re tired of water stains and inefficient laundry cleaning. At Water Filter Warehouse, you only need to go through four easy steps to finally rid your home or office of hard water issues.
Initial Phone Call

When you call us, one of our team members will answer your questions and help you with everything you need.


Our H2O Heroes can visit your property and perform a water test to help you find the right system.


After choosing a system, you then have to complete the payment process with one of our team members.


After everything’s settled, you need to schedule a time and date when we can install your water softener.

How Water Softener Systems Work

Water softening systems are designed to remove magnesium, calcium, and other minerals from your water. These minerals can cause water to “harden”, which can lead to a number of problems in your home, including clogged pipes and fixtures, as well as dry skin and hair.

Water softeners come in ion-exchange and salt-free types.

Ion-exchange Water Softener
Ion-exchange, or salt-based water softeners work by exchanging the hard minerals in your water for soft minerals. This process is done using a resin bed that is filled with small beads. These beads are charged with sodium ions, which attract the hard minerals in your water. As the water passes through the resin bed, the hard minerals are exchanged for the sodium ions, leaving you with soft water.

Salt-free Water Softener
Salt-free water softeners work by using a process called chelation. This process binds the hard minerals in your water to molecules that prevent them from clinging to your pipes and fixtures. This prevents the build-up of mineral deposits and keeps your water soft and clean.

Dual-tank Water Softener
Dual-tank water softeners work similarly to salt-based water softeners. It comes with two tanks that work together to provide a continuous supply of soft water. One tank is filled with resin beads, while the other tank contains a brine solution. As the water passes through the first tank, the hard minerals are exchanged for sodium ions. The second tank then flushes the sodium ions out of the system, leaving you with soft water.

Water softening systems are a great way to improve the quality of your water and protect your home from the damages that hard water can cause. If you think you might need a water softener, feel free to contact The H2O Heroes today!

Problems You May Encounter with Hard Water

High levels of magnesium and calcium in hard water can deal significant damage to your house or building, making it an important
decision to get a water softener for your property. Here are some common issues property owners face with hard water:

Clogged Pipes

The minerals in hard water can build up in your pipes, causing them to clog. This can lead to reduced water pressure and even complete blockages.

Fixture Damage

The minerals in hard water can also damage your fixtures. Over time, the mineral deposits can corrode fixtures and cause them to leak.

Dry Skin and Hair

The minerals in hard water can strip away the natural oils that protect your skin and hair, leaving them feeling dry and brittle.

Water Stains

The minerals in hard water can also leave behind unsightly stains on your fixtures, tubs, and sinks. Stains from hard water usually appear as a chalky white residue.

Improve Your Quality of Living in Sarasota with Our Quality Water Softener Systems

Whenever you need help with hard water problems, your H2O Heroes are always here to help! We can perform water tests to determine if water hardness is really the issue, and help you find the proper system to fix it. Whether it’s your first time or not, we will help you through the process of solving the hard water problem in your home or business.

Feel free to contact us today for your water softener needs!