Whole Home Water Solutions

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We offer a variety of water softener systems to help you eliminate minerals that cause hard water, prevent scale and buildup over time, and protect your fixtures, laundry, and appliances from damages. If you have been noticing signs of hard water, such as dry, irritated skin, water spots on glasses, and low water pressure due to scale accumulation, allow our H20 heroes to help you determine the best water softening unit for your home.

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Eliminate tannin on your water and enjoy a stain-free laundry, fixtures, and kitchenware. The AquaTannin system is specifically designed to remove tannin while softening the water.

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Say goodbye to hard water with the AquaSaltFree system! It features a descaling media to prevent issues caused by hard water, such as stains, dry skin and hair, and more.

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High levels of iron in water can cause staining, metallic smell, and reddish-brown marks. The AquaIron system is developed to eliminate iron and soften your home water.

Water Filtration System

Have cleaner water throughout your entire home with our industry-leading water filtration systems. You can choose from a variety of water filtration solutions that can be tailored to every water concern you might have.

Water Softener System

With Water Filter Warehouse’s leading water softener systems, you can enjoy a better water quality while protecting your plumbing fixtures and appliances from mineral buildup. Spend less without compromising your home’s water quality.

Drinking Water System

Drink healthier, better-tasting water from the tap. Water Filter Warehouse’s drinking water systems reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles by providing alkaline drinking water solutions that taste better than bottled water.

Get the Best Hard Water Solution from Our Water Softener Systems

Reduce water hardness in your home and enjoy healthier hair, softer skin, stain-free dishes, and well-functioning fixtures and appliances with a reliable water softener system. Choose from our state-of-the-art units or call our H20 heroes for help – we’ll be there for you any time, anywhere.

A Quick Fix for Your Hard Water Problems

The H20 Heroes at Water Filter Warehouse don’t want you to deal with the problems hard water can cause. With our water softener systems, you can stop worrying about the damaging effects of hard water.

Brighter, Softer Clothes and Linen

A water softener system prevents hard water from minerals that cause your laundry to fade, making your clothes and linen feel soft while preserving its color and fresh look.



Stain-Free Glasses and Dishes

No matter how often you clean your dishes, removing the cloudy appearance from hard water can be challenging.
With a water softener, you’ll be left with clear, sparkling clean glasses and plates.

Lower Utility Bills, More Savings

A water softener system can relieve the pressure from your fixtures and appliances due to mineral buildup, minimizing your house’s energy and water consumption.



Healthier, Softer Skin and Hair

Hard water can cause dry, itchy skin and scalp. With a water softener, you can enjoy softer and more manageable skin and hair after taking a bath.



Have Safe, Softened Water with Water Filter Warehouse’s Water Softener Systems

Don’t wait for hard water to cause damaging effects in your home. Your H20 heroes are here to help you decide on the best unit that fits your need, budget, and lifestyle. Call us today at 866-H20-HERO, let one of our heroes save you from your hard water problems!